Wednesday Weekly Weather… Light Rain and sunny periods. 17-02-2021 to 23-02-2021. Windy Monday and Tuesday. Mostly rain Thurs, Sat, Mon and Tues

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water dew on grass

Dalgety Bay Weather: Forecast for the coming 7 days as at 12:01 am on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Abbreviations South (S), South-South West (SSW), South West (SW), West South Westerly (WSW), Southerly (S), South Easterly (SE)

sun rays through white cumulus cloudsLight rain and sunny intervals for most days apart from Thursday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, when the light rain continues for most of the day and into the evening.

selective focus photography of plant with water dews

Weekly Weather Forecast

Feb 17 9/2 °C   | SW   1.8 mm Light Rain before 9 am
Feb 18  9/3 °C  | SW   2.4 mm Light Rain before 9 am
Feb 19  9/2 °C  | S       0.9 mm Light Rain from early evening until midnight
Feb 20 11/7 °C | SE    4.8 mm Light Rain Early morning and 12 noon until after 8
Feb 21 9/5 °C.  | SSW  0.2 mm Light Rain Before, During and after Lunch
Feb 22 9/4 °C   | SSW  4.6 mm Light Rain Mid-morning until midnight (Wind Risk)
Feb 23 10/4 °C | WSW 5.0 mm Light Rain Early morning until mid-evening (Wind Risk)

selective photo of a wheat

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