23 04 2020: It will be Cloudy for most of the day with lots of surprise sunny outbreaks. Easterly Wind.

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Good Morning - image of Tesco Car Park Regents Way - Dalgety Bay

 Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 10 am on 23 April 2020

Here is the weather for Thursday
Temperature:  A high of 13°C and a low of 4°C, feels like 2°C.
It will be Cloudy for most of the day with lots of surprise sunny outbreaks
The sun will pop out of the cloud-covered sky from about 10:05 am until lunchtime.
After lunch, there still may be some clouds in the sky obstructing the sun.
While in the evening at the close of play most of the cloud will disappear leaving a lot of opportunities to see the sun.
Wind: East North Easterly,  Easterly, (Easterly), (East North Easterly),(North Easterly)
Speed:  8-(11)-12-(10)-(6) mph
Gusts: 12-(15)-17-(16)-(12) mph
Risks:  An Easterly wind means planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  However, because of the pandemic, a lot of scheduled flights have been cancelled.  There is a risk of mist patches near the coast and particularly on the Queensferry Bridge. There could be more mist overnight and there is a strong possibility of frost overnight.
That is it from me and have a Trouble-free Thursday.  The birds are tweeting, they hear that Boris is on the mend and they are thinking about what will happen next? 
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT,  AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts

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22 04 2020: Sun in all its glory and some sunny intervals for most of the day until just before tea-time. Then Sunny intervals until the close of play. Easterly wind 

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