Heavy Rain Today starts at 8 am

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Dalgety Bay Tuesday’s weather at March 28, 2023 as at * {Indicates a change from last night’s forecast) 7 am on Tuesday

☁️* Light and heavy cloud with

a high temperature of 7°C (44°F), and a low temperature of 3°C (37°F).

Feel like temperatures vary from 1 to 2 degrees below those mentioned.

Light Showers and Heavy Rain

☔️☔️☔️☔️ The most popular chance of rain is 10%. But there are 50% to 80% chances of rain (usually light showers) early morning and from ☔️* 10 am until 2 pm, with a break just before midday. *With more showers from 4 to 6 pm.

☔️☔️☔️☔️* But from 8-9 am and from 2 to 4pm, just a word of caution, please do have a brolly to hand as there is a risk of heavy rain,

* Winds should be light, with a maximum wind speed of 8 mph and gusts of 16 mph. Wind: Westerly until 5 am when it turns Easterly until * 9 pm tomorrow.

☀️ Sunrise is expected at 6:42 am and sunset at 7:35 pm local time.

UV. Pollution and pollen levels:

UV, Pollution and pollen levels will be low, so there is no need to take special precautions.

 The birds, are asleep, therefore, I can’t make any loud tweets!

That is it from me, Have a Terrific Tuesday and wrap up with a light jacket and an umbrella.

Have some hot liquid refreshments with you if you are travelling.

Very low risk of Snow

☔️ The issue with rain, is that as it leaves the clouds from above it could well be snow. It mostly melts into rain as it drops from the clouds on its trip to the ground,

♦️ Weather report broadly based on Met Office, Wunderground and IFTTT weather forecasts.

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