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  1. Kate’s Transformation into the Queen in Waiting: A Captivating Tale – The Telegraph, 2023-08-22 Glimpse into
  2. History: Royal Visit to Queen Elizabeth in Southampton, July 1948 – Daily Echo, 2023-08-22 Royal Retreat: Queen
  3. Rania and Family Embrace the Summer Break They Needed – The National, 2023-08-22 Honouring a Legacy: France
  4. Pays Tribute to Late Queen Elizabeth Ahead of King Charles’ Visit –, 2023-08-22 Fond Farewell: Queen Camilla’s
  5. First Love, Kevin Burke, Passes Away at 77 – GB News, 2023-08-22 A Bittersweet Affair: Remembering Queen Camilla’s
  6. Former Love, Kevin Burke, Who Passed at 77 – 2023-08-22 A Grand Gesture: French Airport to Bear Name of Queen
  7. Elizabeth II – Recognition: Le Touquet Airport in France Renamed in Honour  of Queen Elizabeth – Sky World News, 2023-08-21
  8. New Houses for Fife
  9. FIfe’s Students SQA Results
  10. River Leven Restoration 
  11. Air Quality improves in two areas of Fife.
  12. Bells from lost churches displayed 
  13. New Footbridge for Aberdour
  1. The moment that Kate became a true queen in waiting – The Telegraph Published on 2023-08-22
  2. Royal visit to Queen Elizabeth in Southampton, July 1948 – Daily Echo Published on 2023-08-22
  3. Queen Rania and family enjoy much-needed summer break – The NationalPublished on 2023-08-22
  4. France honours late Queen Elizabeth ahead of King Charles visit – Geo.tvPublished on 2023-08-22
  5. Queen Camilla’s first love Kevin Burke dies aged 77 – GB News Published on 2023-08-22
  6. ‘We were in love and then she ditched me’: Queen Camilla’s former lover Kevin Burke dead at 77 Published on 2023-08-22
  7. French airport to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth II | World News Published on 2023-08-21
  8. More new houses for Fife Published on 2023-08-10
  9. The results are in for Fife’s SQA students Published on 2023-08-08
  10. Work set to start on Restoring the River Leven project Published on 2023-08-01
  11. Air quality improves as council set to lift AQMA’s in two Fife areas Published on 2023-07-28
  12. Bells from community’s lost churches take pride of place in new enclosurePublished on 2023-07-28
  13. New footbridge opens at Aberdour Published on 2023-07-25


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