10 08 2020:Thunder Storm Alert for Fife. Sunny Intervals, Cloudy Sky, Risk of Rain AM. Sunny intervals, risk of thunder storms PM. Easterly Wind.

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Lightning Storm hits the Bay

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10 am on 10th August 2020

SEPA have two floods alerts in place. One for the Scottish Borders and the other for Dumfries and Galloway
The Met Office have a thunder storm alert in place for the whole of Fife.  Please see our risk paragraph below and note from the Met Office after the end of this story.
Here is the weather for Monday
Temperature: A high of 18 °C and a low of 15°C feels like 14°C.  
This morning there should be sunny intervals, clouds, and there may be a risk of over 45% of rain after 9:55 am for an hour or two.
From lunch time it is cloudy with sunny intervals until tea time.   After lunch there is just over a 50% risk of thunderstorms at about 1:55 pm.
After tea, there will be sunny intervals until the close of play.
In the evening, there is a part cloudy sky that continues overnight.  By early morning on Tuesday the sky will be filled with clouds and anyone venturing out from early or mid-morning may need an umbrella!
Wind: East North Easterly, (East North Easterly),  East North Easterly, (North Easterly)
Speed: 12-11-(12)-11-13-(11)-(8) mph
Gusts: 16-(18)-15-19-(17)-19-(17) mph
Risks: Yellow warning of Thunder in place see note below the close of this report. A very pessimistic note I must add.  Low risk of rain after mid-morning.  But there is a greater than a 50% chance of  a thunder storm after 1:55 pm for an hour or two. Those thundery showers may arrive later in the evening after tea.  Easterly Wind means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.
That is it from me and I hope you have a magical Monday.  The birds are quiet, I may have to apologise for suggesting their singing sound like that of a choir singing Jungle Book.  I need another chat with their two big chiefs. That is Mr and Mrs Ave.  
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts.
< – – – MET OFFICE ADVICE – – – >
Severe Weather Yellow warning in place for Fife until midnight tonight
Some places are likely to see severe thunderstorms early next week – but there is significant uncertainty in location and timing.
What to expect: There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes and large hail. Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to public transport. Spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and increased chance of accidents.
There is a slight chance that power cuts could occur and other services to some homes and businesses could be lost There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life Further details: Areas of thunderstorms are increasingly likely to develop over the south of the UK or nearby continent late in the weekend or early next week, and will generally track north or north-westwards, potentially affecting all parts of the UK at some points during this period.
Whilst the most intense thunderstorms, in some instances associated with large hail, will most probably be those triggered by the high temperatures of the day over England and Wales, other areas of storms producing heavy rainfall and frequent lightning could reach further north at times over Scotland and Northern Ireland. These could occur at any time of the day.
Of the area highlighted, at present the west of Northern Ireland and west of Scotland seem less likely to be affected than other areas, but still could not be ruled out. Where the storms occur, rainfall totals of 30-40 mm could fall in an hour, with some locations potentially receiving 60-80 mm in 3 hours, although these will be fairly isolated.

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