12 04 2020: Wind Gusts over 30 mph this evening. Rain at times throughout the day and mostly cloudy.  Some surprise outbreaks of sun

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Wishiing you a Happy Easter with Easter Eggs in a field and lots of blue sky
Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10:00 am on 12th April 2020
Here’s the weather for Easter Sunday
With a high of 15°C and a low of 2°C feels like 0°C.

Rain at times throughout the day and mostly cloudy.  

In the morning cloudy with a risk of some surprise showers.

The afternoon is mainly cloudy apart from just after lunch when there should be sunny intervals for about an hour.  Prior to mid-afternoon, there is less than a 50% chance of showers. 
At tea-time, there could be light rain and wind gusts of over 30 mph for a couple of hours followed by sunny intervals just before the close of play.
In the evening, there are cloudy and clear skies until midnight.  
Wind: West North Westerly, Northerly, North-North Easterly, (East North Easterly), Easterly, (East North Easterly), North Easterly, (North Easterly)
Speed: 5-(12)-8-12-8-(16)-17-(16) mph
Gusts: 9-(18)-12-(27)-30-29-30-(29) mph
Risks:  Wind gusts over 30 mph makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk. Easterly winds from just before lunch until early Tuesday morning means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  However, most flights have been cancelled because of the pandemic. Risk of a frost overnight.
That is it from me and have a superb Sunday.  That is a fantastic Easter Sunday.   The birds are quiet but I am sure I heard them earlier. They may have gone back to sleep, exhausted after reading thousands of text messages wishing them all a Happy Easter.  Remember,  no visits to or from friends and family and no outings apart from food supplies and exercise. Use FaceTime and have Zoom family meetings (If you only have a phone usually you can join in the fun too with Zoom)
Weather report broadly base on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecast

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13 04 2020: Easterly Wind. Cloud and Sunny Intervals for most of the day with some surprise appearances of the sun in all its glory.

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11 04 2020: After lunch Gusts over 30mph. It will be Partly Cloudy. Some rain near mid-morning and an almost 50% risk of rain until lunchtime. In the afternoon sunny intervals until the close of play with some surprise spells of the sun in all its glory after 2:05 pm.  For the evening it is a cloudy sky until Sunday evening

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