20 05 2020: Sun in all irs glory and sunny intervals until the close of play

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Lady enjoying the sunshine in the woods doing some exercise and Yoga

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9:45 am on 20th May 2020

Here’s the weather for Wednesday
Temperature: A high of 21°C and a low of 9°C feels like 8°C.
Sunny intervals followed by the sun in all its glory from mid-morning and sunny intervals until lunchtime.
Then sunny intervals with the sun in all its glory mid-afternoon, followed by sunny intervals until just before tea
During teatime, the sun shines in all its glory and rules the sky until the close of play
Wind: Westerly, South Easterly, (East South Easterly), East South Easterly, (South Easterly),  South-South Westerly, South Westerly, (West South Westerly)
Speed:  5-3-(8)-9-8-(7)-6-(6)
Gusts: 9-4-(11)-12-11-(13)-16-13-(14) mph
Risks:   When out in the sun do wear sun protection. Try not to do too much exercise in the woods (or anywhere else) as shown in our stock image.   Please socially distance when out and about or in supermarkets or public transport.  That is 2 metres or 6 feet (2 metres, that is 6.5 feet, is safer) apart.  Easterly winds from lunchtime until after tea means there could be planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  This is mitigated by the fact that some of the planes will be cancelled as a result of the pandemic.   If driving anywhere either local or further afield (as an essential worker) please take care in Dalgety Bay. Observe the speed (safety) limits and be aware that most accidents happen near your home or work area,  as one is naturally more relaxed in and around those areas.  It also may be your first short trip out in a car for a while, remember to take extra care, check fuel, tyres, oil and batteries.
Tonight, there may well be mist and fog rising on or near the River Forth.  Therefore, please do take care if you are driving over the Queensferry Crossing and the Kincardine Bridge.
That is it from me and have a wonderful Wednesday.  It was about 6:30 this morning that I heard a strange sound.  It was if someone was firing a machine gun in the countryside.  I must say it was not a woodpecker.   It was a bird in hurried conversation,  almost giving a speech. 
A little birdie told me he was at 6 Charlotte Square, in Edinburgh, and he was perched on a window.  He heard a women’s voice talking about the lockdown. There might be an easing of it on Thursday.  It appears that this was an extreme case of  ‘Windows having ears’.  He was telling the birds to practise their ‘Dambuster March’ song. That is in preparation for some low flying swoops on the beach.
Today’s weather report is broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office forecasts

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