08 08 2020: UV6: Sun until Sunset. Easterly Wind.

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The sun shines on the beach and Dalgety Bay. Dog walking after sunrise

Dalgety Bay Weather as at 11:50 am on 8th August 2020

Here is the weather for Saturday. Temperature: With a high of 19 °C and a low of 12 °C feels like11 °C.

Sun in all its Glory until the close of play. Then in the evening a clear sky until early Sunday Morning. Which will mean a Sunday of clouds and sunny intervals. However, there is super surprise news . That is the return of the sun in all its glory mid-afternoon for about six hours.

Wind: South South Westerly, (South Easterly), South-South Easterly, Easterly, East North Easterly, (Easterly), East North Easterly, (East North Easterly)

Speed: 4-(5)-11-(10)-11-(10) mph

Gusts: 5-(6)-14-13-(14)-20-(18) mph

Risks: Ultraviolet reaches a high of 6 after lunch. Please take care and make sure you are wearing sun protection. An Easterly wind means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport until Friday,

That is it from me and do have a super Saturday. The birds have been singing in full harmony and the Master of ceremonies must have been telling some fantastic jokes. The laughter and happiness transmitted is almost infectious (That is a really bad word these days). Not too sure what they were singing but it sounded a bit like the Beach Boys! Enjoy, Surfin Safari – a 1962 pop song that reached 14 in the pop charts. You see and hear their work at bottom of this story youtu.be/IMChBJZUDK8

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts.

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