More early flights – outside of World Health Organisation guidelines. Flights from Edinburgh Airport early this and yesterday morning – please sign the petition

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More early flights – these are outside of World Health Organisation guidelines flights from Edinburgh Airport this morning – see story on Twitter please sign petition …

Story Via Chas Litster on Twitter.  He said

“Can you please support our flight path petition . We value Edinburgh Airport and the travel it provides but not at the expense of flying over our communities below 10,000 feet”

Flight path Video


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Sunday 14th, October 2018 – Cloudy this morning until just after lunch and Sun in all its Glory in the afternoon until the close of play

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12 Oct 2018 : Wind gusts up to 38mph – Sunny intervals now and from 9:45 for about a hour.  40% chance of rain before lunch. 30 to 80% risk of rain from 1:45pm to 8:15pm.  Rain most likely between 2:15 and 6:15pm

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