"Community Council useless"

“Community Council Useless”

Says bay resident in
Swifts Row.

In the background or below, there is a YouTube video via the Swifts of an evening Bay Football match.  The noise can be heard on the Video and heard in nearby housing. You can hear it all too on the Swifts video in our story below.  The video makes Dalgety Bay Sports Centre look like a Football Stadium. A quality TV production.

Noise on a November night see the top video, and for a daytime event see the bottom one.


We hear that a resident in Dalgety Bay is unhappy with the performance of Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Councillors at

Monday evening’s Community Council Meeting.  

 By all reports, the resident said…

“You are all useless”


 We can understand the issue as it is a nuisance for some residents in the Bay.  The issue has just gone on for far too long.  We wonder what is the Community Council doing to help the residents? Why is there a delay?

The resident was clearly not happy with the help provided as a result of a number of meetings with Community Councillors and Fife Councillors for the ward.

Fortunately, at this point Councillor, Dave Coleman intervened leading on behalf of the Conservative Group working in cooperation with Councillor Dave Dempsey said

“Zoom meetings are not working. What is needed is for all the parties to meet as a group to hammer out the issues”

It is alleged by some locals that it appears that some Inverkeithing Swifts supporters/attendees are causing a nuisance in the area, that makes the lives of local residents’ hell on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

 This has gone on for months in some parts of Dalgety Bay. Surely, all parties should be able to meet, and resolve the issue. 

We must add Councillor Coleman repeated his plea for a meeting.

While we chatted to Councillor Dave Dempsey (Conservative) he said 

“Our group is looking into how this situation came to pass in the first place. It appears to arise from the policy of Fife Council’s SNP/Labour Administration to continually cut the grant to the Sports & Leisure Trust without linking the reduced funding to the provision that results.”

This forces the Trust to seek other income without consulting outsiders, like the local residents or indeed the ward councillors, thus ending up with unintended negative consequences.”

Our comment: The decision from the Community Council is unclear. The Community Council seems to be putting pressure on Fife Council.  But what are they doing?

 We really don’t understand why this issue cannot be resolved. 

There is obviously a problem here.

Alastair Mutch from Fife Council promised to look into this issue (See October 2021 minute). Meeting not arranged, see November 2021 notes.

 Therefore, why is this meeting not called by Fife Council staff? 

Why is there no date yet, as it is near mid-December?    

In our opinion, action is overdue and something needs to be done NOW!

 We asked Councillor Barratt about this and he said 

 Alastair had taken time to set up a meeting with all stakeholders and had asked for contact details of residents to be able to liaise with them directly.

The residents asked have opted not to give their consent to the details being shared, hence the suggestion that a meeting is organised and invites passed to the residents through others. That point was only established this week.”

I have, and I know my colleagues have, raised the issues mentioned by residents on numerous occasions with Police Scotland, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, Fife Council and the Swifts. I’ve had direct communication with CC officer bearers who have made clear their desire for this to be resolved.”

The horror story:

  • Residents that have complained about the issue, have been allegedly threatened by supporters of the Swifts. 

  • Residents are frightened to speak up.  In particular, they do not wish their names to be made known for fear of reprisals.

  • Noise, swearing and parking issues.

  • Overflow parking was suggested by the Community Council and Councillors, but nothing was done.

  • There is still no date for a joint meeting of the three parties.  Issues started in August.  There was a  meeting promised at the start of October.  It is now December and still, nothing is arranged.

  • But despite all of this, nothing has changed. Nothing tangible has been done to meet the needs of the residents.


August 2021 – Extract from Community Council minutes

Cllr. Barratt. Issues raised by members of the community regarding the use of the sports centre in relation to the Inverkeithing Swifts. Discussions are currently ongoing with the Sports Trust. Additionally, looking into parking difficulties in the streets around the sports centre as a result of its use by the Swifts. 

Cllr McGarry Has received emails from members of the community regarding noise issues from the Swifts training and from the Scout area. Will keep the CC updated.

September 2021 CC Meeting – Extract from Community Council meeting available on the Internet

Inverkeithing Swifts Craig Reid and Barry Tiller of the Inverkeithing Swifts attended the meeting to explain their position and to answer questions from the CC and a representative of local residents,

A Resident {Name redacted]

A resident set out the issues of the local residents, those being; noise levels, parking issues/parking on pavements, obscene language and the presence of alcohol at Swifts games.

He said that the lack of stewarding of the paying crowd at Swifts football games at the Dalgety Bay Sports Centre, was resulting in the consumption of alcohol, without a licence and a great deal of shouted obscenities.

The parking issues he suggested were a result of the inappropriateness of the site as a football stadium, and he highlighted the difference between the crowd at a 5 aside football match and that of a paying crowd. He also said that while 5 aside matches had been occurring on the site for years, that the arrival of the Inverkeithing Swifts has massively increased the amount of noise, to what the residents believe is an unreasonable level.

Cllr. Barratt said that the Fife Council Sports Trust would send along a representative next month to discuss all the issues being raised and that they are taking the matter very seriously.

The Inverkeithing Swifts management team first made it clear that they would speak to their own position and not to that of the Sports Trust.

They stated that they appreciate the issues being raised by the local residents, but that football games have been played on the site for years and that no more noise was occurring than in previous years. They said that it was impossible to police the language of the supporters, but that they as members of the management team act as stewards to the crowds during games.

They said that parking has always been an issue at the sports centre and that the most they can so is to send out information to their supporters requesting that they not park on pavements. They also wanted to make it clear that it is not just the Inverkeithing Swifts using the facilities.

SL asked when the games are taking place.

The Swifts replied that this is happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the paying crowds were coming on a Saturday afternoon.

SL queried that because of the insufficient parking at the site, could supporters not utilise areas of the industrial estate, which would likely be empty at this time?

The Swifts said that while this might be a good suggestion, they are unable to control where their supporters’ park.

LM asked if there was a law to prevent parking on pavements.

Cllr. Dempsey replied that this is coming but is not yet in effect.

In relation to the claims of alcohol being consumed during their games, the Swifts said they do not have an alcohol licence and that they do not allow it at their games, further saying that anyone found to be consuming alcohol would be removed.

They wished it to be known that this was the first time they had been informed about an issue with alcohol. In addition, they said that paid games are only occurring every second week and that amateur games do not require stewarding, on the weeks when the first team is playing away from home.

CL asked if noise levels are measured and found to be an issue, to whom a complaint could be made.

The Swifts answered that they are hiring the facility with the permission of the Sports Trust and that their noise levels are reasonable.

A resident said the normal noise from the site was around 40db but during the Swifts games, it must be rising to around 200db. He also doubled down on the need to address obscene language.

The Swifts asked how it is possible to police this and said that people cheer at football games.

A member of the public asked whether the coaches could ask the players not to swear.

PF said that these issues were the responsibility of the Sports Trust and that they needed to liaise with the Swifts to solve them.

CL expressed the need for a meeting between the Swifts, the management of the sports centre and the local residents.

The Swifts said that it was not fair comment to say that when the Sports Trust are absent, but that they are often in attendance and monitoring the situation. A three-party meeting was again suggested and accepted.


Editor’s Note – The Sports Trust were invited to this meeting but declined to attend. 

October 2021 – Extract

Public Forum including Fife Sports and Leisure Trust. 

A member of the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT) attended the meeting, along with the area manager of the local sports centre, in order to address concerns of members of the community relating to parking, noise, foul language and the consumption of alcohol. The manager of the

The leisure centre stated that the centre is not for the exclusive use of the Swifts FC and that the deal had been made with them in order to address under utilisation of the facility.

A member of the public said that his problem is not with the Swifts playing football at the site, but with the noise levels and the persistent foul language. He said that the site is being turned into a football stadium, with food and drinking and advertising for 1000’s of fans.

He said it is happening almost every weekend, with loud music and shouting. He highlighted a lack of policing of the events and loud music even being played during training sessions in the evening.

Another member of the public echoed this message and also noted that when previous events were held local residents were made aware of possible disturbance by letter, such as during the Run For Life. She said that evidence of the issues were not hard to find as recordings of screaming and swearing could even be found on the Swifts FC own youtube channel.

The Leisure Centre Manager said in regards to noise the Environmental Health Department were now involved and investigating. He said that music was not continuous, but that he was willing to work with Environmental Health.

BM said he was concerned about the approach of Fife Leisure Services, that it was clear the community had concerns and these need to be addressed, not simply looking at where the law had been broken.

LM highlighted the parking issue, the car park is not big enough to house spectators and they are blocking surrounding pavements.

A member of the public questioned whether the attendance of paying supporters had not resulted in a change of use for the facility.

Mr Mutch (Fife Council) said that he thought the Swifts were required to charge as a condition of their inclusion in their particular league.

Cllr. DC questioned the lack of consultation with the community on the decision and asked why the issues being raised by the community had not been looked into prior to a decision being made.

He noted that parking has always been an issue for the sports centre but that as previously noted there is an empty business park around the corner that could be used.

Cllr. DB said that parking was part of the contract the Swifts had signed with FSLT and asked whether the stewarding of vehicles is being done.

The leisure centre manager replied that the centre has 97 spaces but that he knows there is overspill, that it is currently not illegal to park on Harbour Drive, but that he is interested in the suggestion to use the business park if this is decided to be possible.

The member from FSLT stated that his remit is related to the area of the leisure centre. That he is looking to engage with the community regarding parking issues.

SL asked if the sports centre could put up signs directing supporters to park in the business park.

The leisure centre manager said this could not be done until its use had been agreed.

LM Asked why the leisure centre is now closed between 10 and 3 during the week.

The manager responded that this was down to post Covid funding, but that it would be looked into when more funding was available.

A member of the public said that no one from Environmental Health had come to the residents and monitored the noise levels in their gardens. That the noise is going on into the evenings, that the Swifts are not complying with the 10pm finishing time.

Cllr. DD said that regarding the business park, as it is a publicly adopted road it can be used for parking by anyone.

The leisure centre manager said that Environmental Health had attended the centre, that noise had been occurring since 1994, that he was not aware of any alcohol being consumed and that this was not allowed at the centre. He pointed out that the centre has been underused on Saturday and Sunday in the past.

SL asked if a working group between the parties could be set up to discuss the issues raised, Alastair Mutch agreed to look into this.

< – – Editor’s note – – >

Meeting not set up, see November’s note below

< – – End of Editor’s note – – >

November 2021 – Extract

Inverkeithing Swifts/Leisure Centre

AS asked whether the meeting of all parties discussed with A. Mutch had occurred.

Cllr. Barratt replied that this had not taken place,but that discussions were ongoing with the police about the noise issues and accusations of harassment.

Cllr. McGarry said that noise monitoring equipment has been provided by Fife Council to some local residents.

AS to email Alistair Mutch.


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