Dalgety Bay Snow Update 09 02 2021 (Snow tomorrow)

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Dalgety Bay Snow:  Yellow warning in place 10 02 21

Snow forecast for Wednesday,

Temperatures drop to -5 C overnight and increase to a freezing zero at lunchtime then should drop again.  This time to -4C.

The snow fell in bucket loads, and you can see the result here…

The image above is courtesy of Russell Keddie and Twitter. 

 It might surprise you, but there is more snow to come.  So here goes…

Heavy snow before and after midnight that translates to heavy and light showers until the rush-hour on Wednesday morning.  Therefore, please do be ready for a snow challenge first thing in the morning.

There should be more snow showers before and during lunch.  Then two or three light showers in the evening. 

Hopefully, we will have a couple of snow-free days to recoup from the extensive snow we just have endured.

That is it from me and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  

Birds are in bed or watching Sky TV and drinking a cup of hot water as a nightcap.

Weather report broadly based on Met Office forecasts.

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