14 08 2020: Cloudy, Cloudy day. But Sun in the afternoon until tea time when the cloud returns. Risk of drizzle. Fog tomorrow morning

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Good Morning - image of Tesco Car Park Regents Way - Dalgety Bay
Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 9:30 am on 14th August 2020
The nearest hint of lightning is near Newcastle but there are a large lightning and thunder patches near Norwich heading out to the North Sea or the English Channel.
Here is the weather for Friday
With a high of 17 °C and a low of 14 °C feels like 13 °C.  

Heavy cloud until lunchtime.

Then light cloud in the afternoon until mid-afternoon when there will be sunny intervals and sun in all its glory for an hour or two.   This is followed by sunny intervals until tea time.

After tea, it is light cloud until the close of play.

For the evening it is a cloudy sky until mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Wind: Easterly, (Easterly), Easterly, East North Easterly, (East North Easterly), (East North Easterly)

Speed: 8-(10)-11-10-(11)-(10) mph
Gusts:  13-(14)-13-16-15-(17)-(16) mph  

Risks:  Tonight and overnight there is a risk of drizzle. Therefore,  it would seem there could be a lesser risk of drizzle/showers throughout the day. Tomorrow we may be greeted with fog for a couple of hours in the morning.

That is it from me and do have a fantastic Friday.   

The birds, this morning they are in a flap.  The sea-gulls have been making a fuss about something and I can’t quite make out what they are saying.  But, I did get two urgent text messages from the male Avian chief.  The first was just after 3 am and the second was just after 6 am, it was about the noise of our big birds in the sky. That is planes flying overhead. 

A quick investigation and it appears that a freight plane flew over Dalgety Bay very early-morning below the 7,000 ft (2.13 km) limit.  Then a passenger plane just after 6 a.m, and again below the 7,000 ft (2.13 km) limit.   

When I told the chief this he could not understand, he said it was quite clear, the World Health Organisation guidelines are no flights are allowed between 11 pm and 6 a.m over large populated areas unless they flew high to reduce the noise – ideally avoiding such areas.  The CAA also recommend that any flight should be above the 7,000 ft (2.13 km) limit.   I agreed with the chief.  Sadly,  I could not explain why the planes flew so low and at unsocial hours.  All I could do was apologise on behalf of the human race. 

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts

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