02 06 2020: Sunny intervals until lunchtime. Then cloud, showers and rain until midnight

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Rain - A flower enjoying some rain drops on its blue petals

Dalgety Weather as at 10 am on 02 June 2020

Here is the weather for Tuesday
With a high of 21  °C and a low of 11  °C. feels like 8  °C.Sunny intervals until lunchtime.

This is followed by cloud/risk of showers for an hour or two.  Then mid-afternoon there is a risk that the showers return.  That risk then becomes a risk of heavy rain before tea.

During and after tea the shower/rain risk increases and the closer to midnight it is the more likely it is to rain. 
Wind: Westerly, West South Westerly, (Westerly), Westerly, West North Westerly, North Westerly, North-North Westerly, Northerly, (North Easterly)
Speed:  4-7-6-(8)-11-8-(9)-8-(12) mph
Gusts:  4-10-9-(13)-18-15-(16)-14-21 mph
Risks:  This morning/afternoon in the sun when you are out and about make sure that you are wearing sun protection. Shower/rain risk and thunder in the afternoon. Followed by a rain risk in the evening.   There is an Easterly Wind before midnight tonight that continues until early Thursday morning.  Therefore, do expect planes overhead from Edinburgh airport.  Overnight the rain should diminish.
That is it from me and have a terrific Tuesday.  Birds are in full voice this morning, tweet, chirps and songs galore.  Interspersed by some occasional laughter.   
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts

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