44.6% of Ford Drivers have Penalty Points in the UK (story via the Daily Mirror and Peter Vardy. Peter Vardy have Showrooms in Dalgety Bay)

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Ford drivers are rated with 44.6% penalty points in a UK story via the Daily Mirror and Peter Vardy.   (Peter Vardy have showrooms in Dalgety Bay).  We must add that it is our view that not all car manufacturers appear to be listed in the story.  As we read the original study it shows the top ten results and does not go on to show the figures for other manufacturers beyond this.  It is clear to us that Peter Vardy’s focus was on the best drivers and not the worst.

The recent study says that 44.6% of Ford drivers (At the bottom of the top 10 list) have officially been named as having penalty points.

This survey was conducted by car retailer Peter Vardy (see story on Peter Vardy’s Website).

See original story via the Daily Mirror below…


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