Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council Agenda for tonight’s meeting 7pm Monday, 4th April 2022

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Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council



1. Attendees/Apologies/Declaration (see note)

2. Police Report

3. Public Forum

4. Approval of Minutes and Monthly Accounts

5. Correspondence and Local Issues

5.1  Gateway

5.2 Airport

5.3 Letham Rise wall

5.4 Sports Centre

5.5 Inchview Gardens

5.6 Flooding

5.7 St Colme kerb lowering

5.8 Bluebell Woods

5.9 Recycling bins

5.10 H.E.S. St Bridget’s Kirk (See note)

5.11 Path at end of Sealstrand

5.12 Diary

5.13 Cul-de-sac signs

5.14 Metal fencing at railway station crossing

5.15 Bus shelter at Fordel

6. Finance

7. Community Council

7.1 Tree at Tennis Club update

7.2 Life Saving Equipment update

7.3 Land Transfer update (see note below)

7.4 Insurance Policy (See note below)

8. Councillors’ Reports

9. A.O.B

Notes – most of the items in the Agenda are items in the previous minutes that are listed at the end of this article. 

1. Declaration

The Declaration of Interest is the point of the meeting when Community Councillors need to declare an interest in any of the discussions.  It can happen when there is a conflict of interest and as a result, those Community Councillors can’t discuss or vote on the subject concerned.

Here is an example. Should there be Community Councillors present at the meeting, that are on the management board of the Community Trust they will have an interest in item 7.3.  That is the Land Transfer (a potential multi-million-pound (estimated market value) deal between the Community Council to the Community Trust).  Any Community Councillor on the board or body of both organisations needs to declare an interest. Currently, there are two Community Councillors that do that at most meetings for item 7.3.

That being said, there are people that are involved in many organisations, especially in a small community, and some may well be officers.  Interestingly, the Community Council has a vice-chair that is also a vice-chair of the Community Trust. This is allowed in the two Community Council constitutions (The old constitution and the new framework by Fife Council that runs concurrently). Perhaps the current Fife Council Community Council framework may need an amendment or two so that office-bearers of a Community Council cannot be elected if they are directors or office bearers of an organisation doing a deal with the CC that has a market value greater than £10,000. 

5.10 St Bridget’s Kirk (H. E. S) Historic Environment Scotland 

A most recent story on the World Wide Web about …


7.3 Land transfer update, this is a short heading.  A more meaningful heading would be the Transfer of Woodland and town centre land to the Community Trust. The areas of land concerned are the town centre (between the Dalgety Parish Church and Louie Brown’s) and a number of woods near and adjacent to our beach.  All to be transferred away from the Community Council. The woods and the town centre are not linked physically in any way.  

At the moment the Community Council are waiting for their solicitor to advise on any legal issues. As far as we are aware, there has been no consultation by the Community Council with the community on this issue. Our reporters have read the minutes published on the DBHCC website and can’t find a mention of any community involvement in this important decision. Have you been consulted by the Community Council, or had a vote?

Please let us know about any such consultations, and we would be happy to publish any such Community Council document. The chair of the Community Council has produced an article in the Diary “telling” the community what the Community Council is about to do. To be clear, no debate, consultation or vote.

7.4 Insurance is normally covered by Fife Council.  This item may refer to insurance for the Woods.

  • Agenda Image

Agenda as an image (Provided by the Community Council. The bad news is the text can’t be read by screen readers used by people with poor vision when they browse the Internet).  Being helpful, we have provided the text above.

Agenda in image format - text already typed in text format

Draft minutes of the Previous Meeting

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