14 11 2021: Mostly Cloudy today from 8 am until 4 pm followed by rain in the evening. With a high of 51F (11C) and a low of 48F (9C) 

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water dew on green leaf

Mostly cloudy today with rain in the evening, Sunday 14th November 2021

Temperature: With a high of 51F (11C) and a low of 48F (9C)

At 12:01 am, there are wind gusts of 3 mph, this increases throughout the day to 15 mph.

Humidity: 85 to 91%
UV index max lunchtime : 1
Wind: Speeds maximum 8 mph minimum 1-2 mph, but there may be wind gusts over 15 mph that drops to 13 mph before midnight. 
Wind initially: Northerly, and East North Easterly  Then East South Easterly and Southerly later in the day.
Risks:  Surprise cloud and rainfall, plus planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  Fog patches and mist first thing in the morning.  
That is it from me, and do have a Superb Sunday with family and friends.  
Tomorrow…  Rain clears
The birds are busy, and are now hunting for umbrellas. I hear they are off to ASDA using their debit card drawn on the “Fly-by-night Bank”.  Some retailers decline the card as their card-readers cannot accept golden seeds as currency!
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Met Office, and WUnderground forecasts.


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