13 11 2021: Mostly Sunny today from 8 am until 4 pm!  With a high of 52F (11C) and a low of 42F (6C) 

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silhouette of trees during sunset

Mostly Sunny today, Saturday 13th November 2021! 

Temperature: With a high of 52F (11C) and a low of 42F (6C)

At 12:01 am, there are wind gusts of 19 mph, this drops throughout the day.

Humidity: 89 to 97%
UV index max lunchtime : 1
Wind: Speeds maximum 10 mph dropping to 1-2 mph in the evening, but there may be wind gusts over 14 mph that drops to 6 mph before midnight. 
Wind initially: Westerly, and West South Westerly  Then West North Westerly and Westerly later in the day.
Risks:  Surprise cloud and rainfall (None locally forecast)
That is it from me, and do have a Super Saturday.  
Tomorrow…  Easterly winds again
Sunday morning should be mainly cloudy. Planes return overhead from Edinburgh Airport at 6 am as a result of Easterly winds.
The birds are busy. The Avian nation continues stocking their fridges and freezers so that they are ready for an unusual winter – golden seeds are their favourite.  I think they have heard humans talking about global warming and climate change on their news channels. They have been using secret microchip size microphones to find out what is happening (if anything) in Glasgow.  I am sure they are expecting a big freeze in Scotland, leaked papers suggest that 26th November 2021 is a day of snow.  A stark contrast in a global warming world.    So if you have any seeds or breadcrumbs in your garden, be ready for a swoop from the skies.  Rain is expected in Dalgety Bay in the afternoon of that day, and that rain could turn to sleet or snow (but none forecast locally).
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Met Office, and WUnderground forecasts.

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