21 08 2021: Heavy and light rain for today. Some respite just before lunch. Easterly winds will result in planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport

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water droplets on green leaf

Heavy and light rain for today, Saturday, 21st August 2021.
Temperature; With a high of 65° F (18° C) and a low of 59° F (15° C).
Currently, it’s 61° F (16° C) and mostly rain and cloud outside. Visibility is moderate.

Humidity: 89 to 98%
UV index max lunchtime : 5
Pollen count: 4
Wind: Speeds maximum 12 mph. Easterly,  East South Easterly, South Easterly,  South-South Easterly,  East North Easterly, and North Easterly
Risks: Planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport as a result of Easterly winds. There is a small chance of some rain tonight during the forecast dry spell.
That is it from me, and do have a Super Saturday. 
The rain should end early Sunday morning,  and we should have a mainly cloudy day with some sun popping out now and again after 7 pm.
The birds are real chatterboxes.  They can’t believe the story about what had happened in the Asda car park in Dalgety Bay. (as reported in Yesterday’s story). The birds are now on patrol looking out for any such incidents, and they do send their tweets direct to Police HQ in Regent Square.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Met Office, and WUnderground forecasts.

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