Thursday’s Weekly Weather… Wind risk for Pedestrians today. Mainly sunny (Fri, Sun and Mon). Sunny intervals (today). Overcast/and mainly cloudy on Sat and Tues. Followed by some rain on Wednesday to water our gardens

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Dalgety Bay Weather: Forecast for the coming 7 days as of 9:30 am on Thursday 25th February 2021.

Abbreviations, West South Westerly (WSW), Southerly (S), South-South West (SSW), South West (SW), South Easterly (SE), Northerly (N), North Easterly (NE), Easterly (E), East North Easterly (ENE)

Evening sun amongst some clouds
Weekly Weather Forecast – Mainly Sunny

Mainly sunny  (Friday,  Sunday and Monday). Sunny intervals (today).  Overcast/and mainly cloudy on Saturday and Tuesday.  Followed by some rain on Wednesday to water our gardens.



Day Date Temp °C Summary Wind mph Direction Risks
Thur  25/02/2021  9 / 4    Sunny Intervals 19.1 WSW 30 mph +
Fri  26/02/2021  9 / 2     Sunny  ☀️ 11  WSW  
Sat  27/02/2021  10 / 4   Overcast 7.7  W  
Sun  28/02/2021  10 / 3 Sunny  ☀️ 4.7 WSW  
Mon  01/03/2021  8 / 3 Sunny  ☀️ 2.9 NE  
Tue  02/03/2021  10 / 3 Mainly cloudy 2.3 ENE  


 11 / 5 ☂☂☂ Light Rain from mid-evening 1.5 mm 8 SW  


Tulip in the rain
Tulip enjoying the rain

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