Dalgety Bay Snow Warning 08 02 2021 (Snowmen are Coming)

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Snow expected image of Snowmen - three all dressed up for a party

Dalgety Bay Snow Warning as at 11:00 am on 08 02 2021

Wind Gusts between 30 and 35 mph today.  Pedestrians, please take care while out and about snow on ground and wind that may be a challenge while walking especially on any hidden ice.

Temperature: 0 C to 3 C dropping to -1.  Feels like… -7 C becoming a slightly warmer – 6C, then dropping to -7C eventually settling at -6 C for most of Tuesday morning.

Today we have had a light covering of snow.  But there is more to come…

Before lunch, we should have snow showers and light snow, but there is a blue sky in the centre of the sky surrounded by clouds.   Looking above, I can see a very jagged circle that looks like a very poorly drawn blue hole in the sky.  The wind is blowing Easterly and Easterly North Easterly, therefore those clouds could indeed be snow clouds.

From lunchtime, this is when it gets interesting.  That is if the forecasts are correct we have a lot of snow. So here goes in the order of the snow events

  • Snow Showers
  • Sleet
  • Light Snow
  • Sleet
  • Light Snow

Then in the evening

  • Heavy Snow
  • Heavy Snow Showers
  • Light Snow 
  • Heavy Snow
  • Heavy Snow Showers
  • Heavy Snow

Overnight and all Tuesday, Heavy and Light Snow plus some respite with light snow showers


Mainly Snow showers until just before tea.


Currently, there is no snow forecast for Thursday.

That is it from me and have a lovely Motivational Monday. Please remember to FaceTime or phone your friends.  As there is triple trouble…

Snow, Ice and COVID-19!

They really need to hear, perhaps see on screen and talk to you.

The birds are all cosied up, apart from one doing a quick food hunt.

Weather report broadly based on Met Office Forecasts.


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