Dalgety Bay Climes: 17 01 2021: Wind Gusts 30 mph plus and rain just before tea-time. Continues until early tomorrow morning

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Young lady on a rainy day in January with her hood and umbrella up

Dalgety Bay Climes:  As at 10:15 am on 17/01/2021.

Here is the weather for Sunday

Caution – Before tea and until 4 am – Dreich midwinter weather and wind gusts 30 mph and more

Weather warnings in place England and Wales from Wednesday until Friday.  Please remember that weather does not respect our borders.  There is also a risk that the weather might change and move further north than anticipated.

Some weather forecasters have suggested a risk of snow on Wednesday.

Summary and temperature:   Sunny Intervals all day but Cloudy late afternoon and all evening/overnight. Shower and light rain risk from tea-time until early Monday morning.

Temp: With a high of 44 °F (7 °C) and a low of 37 °F (3 °C)


Sunny Intervals


Sunny Intervals and cloudy until just before tea-time. Then Light rain and wind gusts. 


A cloudy and windy evening, with a risk of continued showers and light rain until early Monday morning

Wind: Westerly but mainly West South Westerly

Speed: 12-18-(17)-15-(16) mph

Gusts:  Start at 24 mph, and drop to 19 mph just after mid-afternoon. Before tea rises to 30 mph and then increases to 32 mph before the midnight hour.


Wind gusts above 30 mph make it difficult to walk

Time for me to log-off:

I hope you have a superb Sunday, ideally at home. The NHS in Scotland is near breaking point, therefore please do stay at home and stay safe.  Do use your mobile phone and Zoom to contact friends and relatives. If there are elderly or vulnerable people nearby please make sure they are safe, ideally phone or send a text.

The birds are quiet again.  They have organised themselves into many small local clans.  Two birds being the clan leaders.  One female and the other male.   They are trying to look after everyone in their clan.  The bottom line they all muck in to help each other.  Making sure every bird, even the weakest and most lonely are supported.  Now, that is being civilised.

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT,  and Met Office forecasts. 

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