Dalgety Bay Climes: 14 01 2021: Rain until close of play: Yellow and Amber Met Office warnings of Snow Risk until 9 pm

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Rain early hours and rainfall during the day. Take care of yourself and neighbours

Dalgety Bay Climes:  As at 10:15 am on 14/01/2021.

Here is the weather for Thursday


Met Office Ice Warning (Yellow) for most of Scotland in place from 8 am until 11 pm.  But superimposed on this there is an amber warning for a strip of Scotland (centre extending partially East/West) that is from North to South.  It is more than likely that Dalgety Bay in the yellow and not the amber part of the map.  However, this is a weather issue and the Bay is very close to the amber section of the warning.  There has also been some snow in Dunfermline. 

If driving or travelling in any other direction than Easterly expect severe weather including heavy snow.  But, we are in a time of climate change (please note not necessarily climate warming) therefore anything can happen.  To be safe and clear don’t travel in the direction of Dunfermline, Stirling, Perth, and Edinburgh (but parts of Edinburgh will be in the Yellow warning zone not amber).

Locally, the temperatures start at 3C and drop to -1C by midnight.  For drivers please do look out for ice, it will appear in the shaded places and may look like a pool of water.   Additionally, because of the constant rain, there may well be some minor floods. Do be prepared for floods at all the usual places.

Please do avoid travel outside of Dalgety Bay.

Because of the challenges facing snowfall forecasts, these showers could be rain, sleet or snow or a combination of those just mentioned. Therefore, plan for snow/rain/ice/mist and frost overnight if you need to travel on Friday.  Please do expect some icy patches under any packed snow that may be lying on the ground.

Summary and temperature:  

Mostly Cloudy,  with light and heavy rain until the close of play.  Cloudy all evening/overnight

Temp: With a high of 37 °F (3 °C) and a low of 30 °F (-1 °C)


Heavy rain all morning.   


There is heavy and light rain until the close of play. 


A cloudy evening, with a risk of some mist before midnight.

Wind: Mainly Easterly, but East South Easterly, South Easterly, South-South Easterly, Southerly, then South Westerly and Westerly before midnight

Speed: 15-16-(12)-(5)-4-5-(4) mph

Gusts:  Start at 16 mph, and drop to 8 mph just after mid-afternoon. Then drops to 4 mph near that midnight hour.


Of sleet, snow and rain.  Snow mainly on high ground.  But should remain dry overnight. There is also a risk of rain tonight and overnight, hence there is an ice risk.

There could also be the remains of ice (possibly hiding under packed snow) on roads and pavement particularly tonight, and Friday morning.  A high risk for essential workers in addition to COVID-19.  Take it nice and easy when going to work.  

Time for me to log-off:

I hope you have a trouble-free Thursday, ideally at home. The NHS in Scotland is struggling therefore, please do stay at home and stay safe.  Do use your phone and Facetime to contact friends and relatives. If there are elderly or vulnerable people nearby please make sure they are safe, ideally phone or send a text.

The birds are quiet again, I suspect they are looking after their friends and family making sure everyone has support and help including the weakest of their flock.

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, and Met Office forecasts. 

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