Dalgety Bay Climes: 03 01 2021 Sunny intervals with snow earlier today (fact-snowfall this morning), snow flurry risk mid-afternoon, after tea and tomorrow morning

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Ice on

Dalgety Bay Climes:  As at 12:30 pm on 03/01/2021.

Here is the weather for Sunday


There is a Met Office UK weather warning of ice for the East Coast of Scotland and North East England.

A cold evening with temperatures at 3c and perhaps below.  Beware of ice on the roads, under bridges and trees.  Take care while out and about tonight when walking or driving. Risk of snow flurries in the afternoon, evening and early tomorrow (56%-28% chance).  Because of the challenges facing snowfall forecasts, these showers could be rain, sleet or snow or a combination of those just mentioned. Therefore, plan for some snow overnight if you need to travel tomorrow. 

Summary and temperature:  

Sunny intervals with snow earlier today (fact:- snowfall this morning).  But there is a shower or snow flurry risk mid-afternoon, after tea and tomorrow morning.

Temp: A high of 41 °F (5 °C) dropping to a low of 28 °F (-2 °C).


Sunny intervals and rain showers until lunchtime.  


Sunny intervals and showers snow or rain. 56% risk of snow mid-afternoon and before tea.


Cloudy and clear skies for most of the evening with risk of snow or rain showers before midnight.

Wind: Northerly, but mainly North Easterly, and North-North Easterly until midnight

Speed: 14-(12)-10-9-13-(11)-12-(11) mph 

Gusts:  Start at 27 mph, and drop to 18 mph just before mid-afternoon reaching 24 mph before tea.   Then drops to 22 mph near that midnight hour.


Of showers throughout the day and heavier showers overnight. These may be rain or snow showers.  The Highest snow risk is today (56% to 28% Chance)

Ice on roads and pavement particularly tonight and the first thing on Monday morning.  A high risk for essential workers in addition to COVID-19.  Take it nice and easy when going to work.  Some forecasters say that there may be snow tomorrow (Monday).

Time for me to log-off:

I hope you have a Superb Sunday on the third day of 2021.  Please do enjoy your day. It is a wonderful time to be home with your family.  Sunday is a special day for older people, therefore, can you please make contact with them by telephone or mobile phone.

The birds are tweeting. Golden Seeds stocks are low, a team of Aves has been sent out on an urgent replenishment task.   That is another journey to the Champagne region of France, this time flying high above the borders and the custom controls!

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Netweather.tv, AccuWeather and Met Office forecasts.

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