Weather: 20 11 2020: Wind Gusts PM over 30 mph and before midight 40 mph. Cloudy with light and heavy rain throughout the day

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Wind Gusts above 40 mph

Dalgety Bay News:  Weather as at 9:30 am on 20/11/2020.

Here is the weather for Friday

Wind gusts over 30 mph from 3:55 pm reaching 40 mph before midnight.

Temperature: Currently 5 °C with a high of  13 °C and a low of 5 °C that feels like 3 °C


Cloudy with rain at times before lunch.

Afternoon – Windy from 3:55 pm

The cloud continues in the afternoon with more rain (perhaps heavy) mid-afternoon and just before tea. 

Evening – Windier just before midnight

After tea more cloud and light rain mid-evening and just before midnight


West South West, (South West), South West, (West South West), South West, (South West)

Speed:  3-(9)-14-13-(20)-(23) mph

Gusts: 14-(20)-34-(37)-(41) mph


Surprise light rainfall in the morning and heavier rain in the afternoon.  From 3:55 pm expect wind gusts to blow at speeds higher than 30 mph.  This means that it may be difficult for pedestrians to walk.  The bad news is that just before midnight the wind speed increases to above 40 mph which makes it difficult for cars and in particular high sided vehicles.  Therefore, while driving expects some bridges to be closed and debris on the roads.

Have a lovely Day:

That is it from me and have a fantastic Friday     

The Birds are packing their bags and rushing off to meet their friends at Glasgow airport.  They tell me they are trying to grab a holiday in sunnier climes.  All because of something called level 4 (meaning level 5).   

Weather report broadly based on NetWeather, MetOffice, Accuweather and forecasts.

Interesting Links and,-3.355,18,m:feyaf3z

Wind flow chart courtesy  Please click on the plus sign to see a local picture


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