30 10 2020: Cloudy day. Surprise showers in the morning and afternoon. Rain 0.7 mm plus before midnight

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Umbrella needed by lady enjoying a cool downpour

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9:30 am on 30th October 2020

SEPA have flood alerts in place for Dumfries and Galloway, Ayrshire and Arran, and West Central Scotland.

Here is the weather for Friday
Temperature: A high of 12 °C and a low of 8 °C feels like 7 °C 
Weather reports conflict.  Therefore, here is our best guess as to the weather for today.
A cloudy morning with a risk of showers from 9:55 am until lunchtime.
From lunchtime, the clouds continue until teatime but with some more surprise showers after lunch and just before tea.   To break the gloom, there may well be a couple of sunny periods and sun in all its glory in the afternoon.
From tea-time, it is cloudy with 0.7 mm or more of rain forecast before midnight.
Wind: Westerly, West South Westerly, (West South Westerly), (West South Westerly), South Westerly, West South Westerly, South-South Easterly, (East South Easterly)
Speed: 13-11-14-(13)-16-(8)-(5) mph
Gusts: 25-21-(23)-26-(17)-(9) mph
Surprise rain showers throughout the day.  With rain in the evening, that should return in the early hours of Saturday morning for a couple of hours.  For Halloween, it should be dry in the afternoon to allow children to do a pumpkin in a window spot (normally it would be guising but spotting pumpkins in windows is the healthy option).
That is it from me and do have a fantastic Friday.   
The birds are quiet but I have seen them flying between the trees on patrol.  Perhaps they are on patrol just in case anyone breaks the social distancing rules after looking up what they are based on postcode.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Met Office, BBC and AccuWeather forecasts.

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