3 10 2020: Heavy rain all day. Need a bit of help from Noah: Wind Gusts above 30 mph before midnight

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Noah's Art in a storm

Dalgety Bay Weather: As 10 am on 3rd October 2020

For the early birds here’s the weather for Saturday
With a high of 14° C and a low of 9 °C  feels like 8 °C.  Could be a warm 14 °C for most of the night.

It will be heavy rain all day, tonight and overnight until first thing Sunday morning.  May have some respite from the rain before lunch.

Wind: West North Westerly, North-North Westerly, (North-North Westerly), North Westerly, North-North Westerly, (North-North Easterly), North Easterly, East North Easterly, (East North Easterly)
Speed:  5-(6)-(13)-(17) mph
Gusts: 11-13-12-(13)-15-14-(24)-28-30-(31) mph reaching a high of 33 mph overnight and dropping below 30 mph by first thing on Sunday morning.
Heavy Rain: Floods on the road in all the usual places. At and near roundabouts at Tesco and Aldi. On the roads and at these places  Inverkeithing to Kincardine, Dalgety Bay to Aberdour and Kirkcaldy.  Beware of floods when driving from rainwater flowing from farmland on to lower-level roads.   Rainfall peaks at 2.7 mm after lunch then reduces to about 2.1 mm before midnight.  See concerns from the met Office at the end of my report.
Wind:  From 10 pm there are wind gusts of over 30 mph until tomorrow morning making it difficult for pedestrians to walk.  From 8 pm there are Easterly winds unto the early hours of Tuesday morning.  Therefore, there may be planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport. 
That is it from me and do have a super Saturday. The birds have been tweeting, for now, they say they are high and dry.  They are asking if I am going to build an ark?   I pointed out that officials from Fife Council may not agree to a building that size in our road on the grounds that it will dominate the skyline.  If you think about it, the Ark would be a lot bigger than the QE2 to rescue all Dalgety Bay residents!

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, Laura Ellam, said: “Saturday will be a very wet and cold day for many as heavy bands of rain push north and west across the country, becoming slow-moving for some parts. We have issued several Yellow rain warnings covering large parts of the country over the weekend, with Amber rain warnings in place in eastern Scotland, much of Wales and parts of west England. Conditions will improve for many on Sunday though it is still likely to remain wet and windy for some.” 

Editorial note,  We do like rainbows and not floods!

Laura continued: “At this time of year, trees are in full leaf and drains can become blocked from tree debris – with many places seeing 25-50 mm of rain and around 70-90 mm over high ground, there is a heightened risk of flooding and very difficult driving conditions this weekend.  In areas with Amber warnings, such as Snowdonia, Exmoor and eastern Scotland, over 100 mm of rain could fall over the weekend – this is likely to lead to significant impacts from flooding.” 

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts

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