Floods forecast for Tuesday with the threat of heavy rain – read all about what the Met Office says to reduce surface water flooding

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House Flooding

Firstly, hardly any rain is forecast by the Met Office for Dalgety Bay but there is a Yellow Warning of Rain in place for Tuesday including Dalgety Bay in Fife.

You can find some helpful hints here to reduce surface water flooding:


But here are  some highlights from the Met Office Article

  • Instead of hard paving on your drive, use permeable paving or a plastic ‘honeycomb system’ (a system of plastic grids) that you can either fill with soil and then plant grass seed, or fill with gravel. The honeycomb system will contain the gravel and keep it in place – either way, it is robust enough for a car to be parked on.
  • It is possible to plant a hedge to divide you from the street? This would encourage wildlife and screen of pollutants from the road. If you really need a fence, grow roses or an evergreen climber (such as Jasmine) up it.
  • You could create a ‘rain planter’ into which you can divert the rainwater from your roof downpipe. It is a job within the capability of many DIY enthusiasts.
  • Plant water thirsty shrubs in your garden, or even throw caution to the wind and put your front and back lawns back! You could even grow a green roof on your shed roof. (There is plenty of guidance out there which will tell you how.)

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