25 08 2020: Wind Gusts 31 mph to 48 mph. Poor visibility from lunch until after 3:55 pm. Heavy rain and flooding until midnight..

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Wind Gusts above 40 mph

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 11:45 am 25th August 2020

Met Office – Yellow Warning of Rain. (See cautionary note at the end of the article).  Please take care on your travels today.  There is also a flood Alert in place via SEPA (See note at the end of this article).
Now without any further ado here is the Weather forecast for Tuesday
With a high of 15 °C and a low of 13 °C feels like 10 °C.
Mainly Rain and Gusty Winds today
Rain: Heavy Rain until mid-evening then light rain until midnight.  That is:
– Morning rain downpour of 1.4 mm
– Afternoon until just before mid-afternoon 1.7 mm and POOR VISIBILITY until 3:55 pm
– Followed by 1.1 mm until tea time
– Dropping to 1.0 mm until just before midnight
  • After midnight heavy and light cloud until early morning

Wind: East North Easterly, (East North Easterly), (East North Easterly), North Easterly, North-North Easterly, (North-North Easterly).

Speed:  16-(25)-28-(24)-23-26-(25) mph
Gusts: 32-(43)-48-(43)-47-(45) (Overnight: 42-23) mph


Wind: Risk of pedestrians finding it difficult to walk and if the gusts reach over 40 mph being blown over.  For drivers, the wind gusts will make it difficult to drive and you need to take special care on bridges.   Some bridges may close.

Rain: There is also a risk of flooding because of the persistent rain and rivers and streams overflowing.   Roads will have flood water too in all the usual spots. There may be some surprise showers before midnight tonight and overnight.

That is it from me and do have a terrific Tuesday despite the terrible weather.   Surprisingly, the birds have gone into lockdown!  I had a quick question from the birds, how do humans manage to carry around 4 or 5 umbrellas?  I replied they don’t, the number of umbrellas in my forecast is to indicate the severity of the rain!

Rain and Wind report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts
Flood Alert for Fife
A FLOOD ALERT has been issued for Fife. Heavy and persistent rain during Tuesday could cause flooding impacts from surface water and small watercourses, during Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday. Particularly at risk are flood-prone urban areas and the transport network. Impacts may include flooding to low-lying land and roads, with difficult driving conditions.
Individual properties may also be at risk. Remain vigilant and remember, it is your responsibility to take actions which help protect yourself and your property.  Advice and information is also available through Floodline on 0345 9881188.  This FLOOD ALERT is now in force until further notice and was sent by phone and SMS free of charge to registered customers of our Floodline direct warning service.  If you haven’t already signed up to receive free flood messages, please call Floodline or register online at Flood Alerts sign-up at SEPA. Your Floodline quick dial number for this area is 23300

Met Office Warning

Heavy rain is expected during Tuesday and early Wednesday and is expected to result in some flooding and disruption to travel.

What to expect

  • Some communities may be cut off by flooded roads
  • Spray and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures
  • Delays or cancellations to train and bus services are possible
  • Fast flowing or deep floodwater is possible, causing a danger to life
  • Homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings

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