18 08 2020: Flood warning alerts in place. Yellow warning of rain: Cloud, then showers. PM-Thunderstorm and rain risk. Then it is a cloudy sky

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A cloudy day risk of rain/thunder

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9:30 am on 18th August 2020

The forecasts for rain today are mixed.  But here is the short story.  The Met Office issued a heavy rain warning for most of Scotland today.  SEPA has a flood alert for Fife.  Fife Council have issued a flood warning that includes the use of flood prevention methods.  A Fife Council adverse weather notice as appeared on the Dalgety Bay Billboard by Councillor David Barrett.  While looking at the weather forecasts they vary.   For Dalgety Bay and Kirkcaldy, some forecasts say no rain, while others say there is rain and there are more thunderstorms to come in the afternoon after 3 pm. Therefore, below is my best guess as to what might happen today weather-wise.

Here is the temperature for Tuesday.
With a high of 19 °C and a low of 16 °C feels like 17 °C.Cloudy.  This morning there may be showers just before lunchtime for an hour or two.  Those showers may bring some sunny intervals.  Mist in the morning that should disperse by lunchtime.

The cloud continues in the afternoon with some sunny intervals to brighten up the day. But the cloud will thicken at about mid-afternoon.  This could result in thunderstorms that may cause a downfall of rain (55%  and over risk).  The thunderstorms should cease after about an hour and then it is a cloudy sky until tea-time.

From tea, the thunderstorms return to say a fond farewell, and they hope to return on Thursday perhaps for a quiet chat. After about an hour, it may become mostly cloudy.  That partly cloudy sky may become full of cloud before midnight. 

With the thunder comes a risk greater than 55% that there will be some supporting rain. The forecasts suggest a downpour of 1.3 mm during both thunderstorms.  But take care, forecasters have not agreed what will happen.

Wind:  North Easterly, Easterly, East North Easterly, Easterly, (Easterly), East North Easterly, (East North Easterly), East North Easterly, Easterly, East South Easterly, (South-South Easterly)

Speed: 7-10-(6)-9-(8)-(4) mph

Gusts: 10-13-8-(9)-13-(12)-(7) mph

Risks:  Thunder and perhaps lightning in the afternoon/evening.   A day of surprise sunshine, surprise showers and rainfall, a day of surprise thunder and lightning.  A very surprising day!

That is it from me and have a terrific Tuesday.  

The birds. They are preparing for battle.  Battle against any hostile weather They did ask about the weather saying could I be a bit more clear.  Without, going into the detail of how weather forecasting works, I just had to say, that unless I had a Tardis (time-machine) I could never be a 100% confident about any weather forecast.

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts.

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