26 07 2020: High UV of 6 from lunchtime. Sunny intervals in the morning with cloud. Afternoon: Shower risk but sunny intervls and sun in all its glory. Tea time:The Sun in all its glory may continue for a couple of hours

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Tulip in the rain

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10: am on 26th July 2020

For the early birds here’s the weather for Sunday.

With a high of 18 °C and a low of 13 °C feels like 11 °C.

Sunny intervals for about an hour from now until lunch-time. But there could well be some cloudy skies before lunch.

In the afternoon it is sunny intervals and sun in all its glory (mid-afternoon) until tea-time. However, there is a small risk of showers at lunchtime.
During and after tea, we may see the sun in all its glory for two or three hours.  Then it is cloudy until about 7:55 pm on Monday.  Sadly, that cloud will result in some rain on Monday afternoon.
Wind: South Westerly, West South Westerly, (West South Westerly), Westerly, South Westerly, Westerly, (West South Westerly), West  South Westerly, (South Westerly)
Speed: 13-14-13-(14)-17-15-17-(15)-(6) Mph
Gusts: 22-23-22-(23)-28-26-29-(26)-(13) mph
Risks: Of surprise showers and rainfall throughout the day.  The risk of showers and rain diminishes to zero as we get closer to midnight.  From Lunchtime the ultraviolet ray index is at a high of 6 for a couple of hours and therefore please do take care when you are out and about.  That is please make sure you are wearing some sun protection.
That is it from me and do enjoy your Sunday with family and friends and if anyone can’t attend be inclusive, use Facetime or Zoom or just a mobile phone.
The birds have been busy this morning.  Scurrying about, flying, singing in the garden.  I was woken to a debate.   One of the birds must have learnt to say no.  Therefore, as I awoke I heard a loud No sounding tweet.  Which was quickly followed by her friend’s chirps of happiness and delight. Then another No.   Not deterred by the second No her friend continues her sweet harmony of happy song.   Then there was a louder No.   After that, there was no more song from her friend.  But, there was a bountiful supply of chirps, tweets and sweet singing from a large choir of Avians that must have witnessed the debate – it was almost a musical audience clap  (I nearly forgot what audience claps sound like) by the onlookers.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts

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