19 07 2020: Cloudy day. Some sunny intervals. Risk of showers mainly in the afternoon. Westerly Wind

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Cloudy day, Sunny Intervals with surprise showers

Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 10:30 am 19th July 2020

Here is the weather for Sunday
With a high of 17 °C and a low of 12 °C feels like 10 °C.
A partly cloudy day.
It was sunny earlier this morning.  Now, it is cloudy,  but there may be some sunny intervals for an hour or two before lunchtime.

Heavy and light cloud during and after lunch, but some surprise sunny intervals just before mid-afternoon until tea time.

In the evening the cloud continues with some surprise sunny intervals just after tea for an hour or two.  Then it is cloudy in the evening until Monday morning.

Wind:  Westerly

Speed:  8-15-13-(15)-16-(15)-16-(11) mph

Gusts: 19-25-21-(24)-27-(25)-26-22-24-(21) mph

Risks: Of showers in the afternoon.  If there are any more than likely at lunchtime and mid-afternoon.  There is a smaller risk of showers this evening.

That is it from me. Do have a lovely Sunday with family and friends.  Do remember what Nicola Sturgeon said, the virus (COVID-19) has not gone.  It is still lurking out there waiting to bite anyone it can. The birds, they are very quiet.  So quiet they are not talking to me.  I need to have a pow-wow with their big Avian chief and co-chief and his/her friends.  Unlike the UK – they have two Prime Ministers. One Male and the other female.

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts.


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