09 07 2020: Easterly Wind: Sun in all its glory then sunny Intervals with surprise rain showers all day and heavy rain in the evening.

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Perivinkle (Vinca minor) after a rain shower

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10 am on 9th July 2020

Here is the weather for Thursday.
Temperature:  A high of 16 °C and a low of 12° C and a low of 10° C
There are conflicting reports from the various forecasters and below is my best guess as to what the weather will be like today.

Sun in all its glory.  Then sunny intervals in the morning with a 54% risk of showers before lunchtime

In the afternoon it will become cloudier but there will be sunny intervals until tea time. There is a risk of showers after lunch and before tea.

After tea cloud and sunny intervals continue with a risk of showers and heavy rain until mid-evening and slightly beyond.
Wind: East North Easterly, Easterly, (Easterly), East South Easterly, Easterly, (Easterly), East North Easterly, North Easterly, East North Easterly, North-North Easterly, (North Easterly)
Speed: 4-6-(4)-11-(8)-6-(8) mph
Gusts: 5-8-(5)-13-(11)-12-11-(14) mph
Risks: Of surprise showers in the morning and afternoon.  These continue in the evening and start to disappear overnight.  Easterly Wind should mean planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport. That Easterly wind continues until early Friday morning,  Therefore, if you are a light sleeper expect to hear late departures and cargo flights until early Friday morning.
That is it from me and have a trouble-free Thursday.   The birds are tweeting, chatting away merrily. Perhaps they are thinking about low-level flying and speed traps.  Therefore, if you are driving do to take care as sunny weather in some cases can be a distraction.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather, BBC and Met Office Forecasts

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