04 07 2020: Cloudy for most of the day. Showers and Heavy Rain from mid-morning. Heavy rain this evening with an Easterly Wind

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Young lady on a rainy day in January with her hood and umbrella up


Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10 am on 4th July 2020

SEPA:  There is a flood alert across Scotland.  Only five areas are impacted.  Central Scotland is our nearest area of risk and luckily, there is no flood alert for Fife.

Here is the weather for Saturday
With a high of 16 °C and a low of 11 °C feels like 10 °C.
Cloudy this morning. Sunny intervals at times with showers and heavy rain after mid-morning for an hour or two. Then the clouds continue until lunchtime.
In the afternoon there should be light and heavy clouds until tea time.
This is followed by light cloud until mid-evening. Then heavy rain until early Sunday morning.
Wind: Westerly, (Westerly), Westerly, West South Westerly, (West South Westerly), West South Westerly, South Westerly, (Easterly)
Speed:  8-7-(9)-13-(12)-4-(5) mph (For your information: All speeds provided by most forecasters are in Knots per hour and not Kilometres per hour)
Gusts: 11-12-11-(15)-20-18-(19)-(8) mph
Risks: Of random surprise rainfalls throughout the day that tail off after-tea but heavy rain is forecast between mid-evening and early Sunday morning. An easterly wind this evening means a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport. As a result, a couple of late passenger planes and cargo planes may be heard.  There is usually a cargo flight at about 3 am, therefore if aircraft noise gives you any problems with your sleep, do take the appropriate precautions to make sure that you have an undisturbed night. 
The rain overnight may result in some road flooding in the morning.  Therefore, on Sunday, when you may be out and about please take care near any roundabouts.
That is it from me, and I hope you have a super Saturday.  The birds are happily singing.  I have heard that they received some coded messages from the North of England.  They say their pubs are open – some are planning to do a sneak fly over to pick up some drops of beer and wine from any outdoor sales outlet. They are looking forward to a happy hour.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts.

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