05 06 2020: Gusts over 32 mph from 1:55 pm until Saturday morning. Light showers first thing. More showers/rain in the afternoon and evening.

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A cloudy day risk of rain/thunder

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 8:00 am on Friday 5th June 2020

Here is the weather for Friday
With a high of 14 °C and a low of 6 °C feels like 4 °C.
A cloudy day with a…
Risk of showers first this morning for an hour or two.
From lunchtime, there is a risk of more surprise light rainfall for about an hour. This is followed by a repeated cycle of cloud and then showers until tea time.  From just before 1:55 pm the wind reaches over 32 mph (51.5 km/h) that peaks at over 38 mph (61.16 km/h) during tea.
During tea, the high winds start to decline until it diminishes early Saturday morning.  However, from tea time it is also cloudy and this is followed by showers for an hour or two and then light rain which continues until midnight.
Wind: Westerly, West North Westerly, North Westerly, (North Westerly), North Westerly, West North Westerly, (West North Westerly), Westerly, (Westerly)
Speed: 8-(16)-(23)-21-22-(21) mph
Gusts: 19-25-24-(27)-32-(39)-38-39-(37) mph
Risks:  Of surprise showers and rainfall throughout the day.  Gusts of above 32 mph (51.5 km/h) near mid-afternoon until the early hours of Saturday morning make it difficult for pedestrians to walk. Risk of more rain tonight and overnight with gale-force winds towards early morning (Therefore, there is a risk that gusts will increase in speed overnight instead of diminishing).
That is it from me and do have a fantastic Friday.  The birds at one point were doing a wrap.   I understand they have just invented a new dance. That is the 2M fizzy dizzy (two-metre social distance dance).  if anyone can suggest some movements for this it would be welcome. However, I do believe a young lady in North East Fife might have done something similar a couple of weeks ago, being just a bit ahead of the birds.  But there is no harm in having a South West Fife version!  Short 30-second dance video clips are welcome in the comments.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts

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