27-05-2020: Cloudy. Sunny Intervals and at times Sun in all its Glory. Cloud at and near the close of play. Continues until midnight.

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Good Morning - image of Tesco Car Park Regents Way - Dalgety Bay
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Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 10 am on 27th May 2020

Here’s the weather for Wednesday
With a high of 17 °C and a low of 10 °C feels like 8 °C.
Sunny intervals until just before lunch when the sun pops out in all its glory for an hour or two.
During and after lunch it may be cloudy for a while. This is followed by sunny intervals until just before tea when the sun should shine for an hour or two.
From tea time there are sunny intervals for a couple of hours.  This is followed by a cloudy sky until midnight.
Wind: Westerly, West North Westerly, North Westerly, (South-South Westerly), East South Easterly, Easterly, (Easterly), East North Easterly, Easterly, (Easterly), 
Speed: 8-(5)-(11)-(7) mph
Gusts: 12-(8)-15-(14)-17-(10) mph
Risks: Of surprise and unexpected random light showers all day.  No showers are forecast locally.  There is also a risk of bits of surprise and unexpected random rain tonight and overnight.  Today the sun will be out in all its glory particularly at its highest ultraviolet time (near lunchtime).  Therefore please make sure you are wearing sun protection if you venture out.   After lunch, there are Easterly winds these continue until the early hours of Thursday.   As you all know an Easterly wind means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  However, the pandemic means that most scheduled flights have been postponed.
That is it from me and have a wonderful Wednesday. The birds are in full chorus.   They are looking forward to seeing full beaches at Aberdour and Dalgety Bay.   They are practising their dive-bombing skills in all the local pools in preparation for this great event.  A little birdie tells me they are looking for our tape measures to find out what the measurement 2 metres, in reality, looks like.   As far as they can see it is not much of a restriction as most of the humans, in the TV news clips, seem to be very close together. It looks as though they are almost becoming intimate. They have also heard that in parts of Wales visitors have to book a place on the beach or in the countryside. I wonder how Fife Council would cope?
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT,  AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts.

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