18 05 2020: It will be Mostly Cloudy with showers at random times for most of the day

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Perivinkle (Vinca minor) after a rain shower

Dalgety Bay Weather:  At at 9:45 am on 18th May 2020

Here is the weather for Monday
With a high of 16°C and a low of 11°C (feels like 8°C).

Mostly Cloudy with surprise random showers most of the day.  It has been raining on and off for most of yesterday evening, overnight and for a short period this morning.

Therefore, it should not surprise you that Police Scotland South West Fife has issued a warning about a road incident.  That is between Crossgates and Aberdour Road yesterday evening.  It should all be clear now.  Afterwards, they made a general awareness warning of surprise wet roads after a dry spell.  This makes the roads more hazardous than usual.  Therefore, do take care while driving on the roads this morning and for the rest of the day.

Today, the story is one of some random surprise showers and cloud.   That is for this morning the showers are most likely to happen after mid-morning when there is a greater than 50% chance or rain.
In the afternoon the cloud continues with a risk of more showers at lunchtime, after lunch and at tea time.
While in the evening, the sky starts to brighten with the appearance of the sun between the clouds.   Sadly, at about 7:55 pm there is a risk of light rain which continues until the close of play.  That partially clear sky then continues until midnight.  After which there is a risk of light rain until early Tuesday morning.
Wind:  West South Westerly all day and into the evening.
Speed:  11-(19)-(13)-10-11-(8) mph
Gusts: 22-26-25-(30)-32-30-(23)-19-21-(15) mph
Risks: Wind gusts of over 30 mph from lunchtime until mid-afternoon make it difficult for pedestrians to walk.   Surprise showers and light rain.   Wet roads after a dry spell make driving conditions in some places hazardous.
That is it from me and please do have a magical Monday.  The birds are singing a sweet lullaby, and I can feel my eyelids slowly dropping;
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, Met Office and Met Office Forecasts.

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