09 05 2020: It will be Cloudy with sunny intervals and some surprise showers before, during and after tea.

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Sunny Intervals and Showers - A yellow narcissus enjoying some raindrops
Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 10 am on 09 May 2020
Here’s the weather for Saturday
With a high of 20°C and a low of 3°C.
As I write there is the start of a late morning mist.
It will be Cloudy with sunny intervals and some surprise showers before, during and after tea.
This morning it is sunny, then sunny intervals until lunchtime that become cloudier as the morning progresses.
In the afternoon it is cloudy with a risk of showers after lunch, and before, during and after tea. There also may be some sunny moments that break through the clouds.
The evening brings more cloud with surprise showers until early Sunday morning.
Wind: West North Westerly, West South Westerly, (West South Westerly), Westerly, (West North Westerly), North Westerly, North North Easterly, (North North Easterly)
Speed: 4-(6)-11-10-(12)-9-(13) mph
Gusts: 7-(10)-18-17-(20)-17-(23) mph
Risks: Surprise showers throughout the day, into the evening and overnight.   Please wear sun protection while out and about when you are shopping or taking your daily exercise.   There is a risk of frost in the morning but the random rainfall may mitigate that.  From tonight the wind changes to an Easterly and this continues until late Sunday evening.   Therefore, there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  But as you all should know most flights have been cancelled because of the pandemic. 
That is it from me,  have a super Saturday.   The birds are singing and they are on top form this morning, singing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts 

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