30 04 2020: Cloudy: Rain and Showers first thing in the morning and after 12:05 pm/before tea for a couple of hours.

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Rain - A flower enjoying some rain drops on its blue petals

Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 9:45 am on 30 April 2020

Here is the weather for Thursday

Temperature: A high of 12°C and a low of 6°C feels like 4°C.

Mainly cloudy. With Rain and Showers at a variety of times during the day.

Rain and Showers mainly first thing in the morning.  There could be some surprise showers just before lunch-time

Then more cloud in the afternoon and more surprise showers after lunch and before tea time.
In the evening it is cloudy and this continues until just before the close of play when there could be some sunny intervals.
Wind: East North Easterly, (East North Easterly), (East North Easterly), then  North Easterly, East North Easterly,  Easterly, (Northerly)
Speed: 9-(10)-14-(11)-(5) mph
Gusts: 13-(15)-21-(18)-(9) mph
Risks: Of surprise rain showers throughout daylight hours.  Risk of fog patches near the River Forth tonight and overnight especially near the Queensferry Crossing or any Coastal Areas.  There is also a risk of frost overnight and therefore be ready to remove frost from your car windscreen.   There is, of course, an Easterly Wind,  this as regular readers will know means there may be planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.   But, most scheduled flights have been cancelled because of Covid-19.
That is it from me and have a trouble-free Thursday.  The birds have been singing and a little birdie has told me a little baby has arrived at number 10.   The birds are taking bets on the name and the bookies favourite is Boris Junior.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts.

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