16 04 2020: Cloudy all day. Shower risk before and during lunch. There could be some showers before tea time. Mist tonight and frost overnight

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Rain - A flower enjoying some rain drops on its blue petals

Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 9:30 am on 16 April 2020

Here’s the weather for Thursday
With a high of 10°C and a low of 5°C feels like 2°C.
Light and heavy cloud for most of the day with some surprise sunny intervals

Risk of showers at lunchtime and before tea.

Wind:  Easterly, East North Easterly, (East North Easterly), (East North Easterly), (East North Easterly) and the Easterly winds continue until at least Wednesday 22 April 2020

Speed:  10-17-(16)-15-16-(14)-(11) mph
Gusts: 19-27-(24)-22-24-(23)-(20) mph
Risks:  An Easterly wind means that there may be planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  However, most flights have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic.  Risk of showers/rain before lunch (less than 50% chance), lunchtime and before tea (more than 50% chance).  This evening cloud and mist.  The greatest mist risk is near the River Forth and on the Queensferry Crossing.  Overnight there could be frost and there maybe frost on your windscreens on Friday morning.
That is it from me and have a trouble-free Thursday.   This morning the birds are in full chorus with another rendition of the Dalgety Bay Rhapsody (If you have not heard it just think about the Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the pop group the  Queen with a lot of interspersed tweets).   I also remember the Aves singing a sweet lullaby that sent me off to sleep last night at about 11 pm (might have been later).
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office Forecasts

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