02-04-2020: Wind gusts over 30 mph until tea time. Shower risk before lunch and in the afternoon. Evening more showers, frost and ice

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Cloud, rain and wind

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9:30 pm on 02 April 2020

Here is the weather for Thursday
With a high of 9°C and a low of 0°C.

It will be Partly Cloudy for most of the day.  With sunny intervals until 10:05 am. This is followed by cloud after which there is a 57% chance of showers just before lunch

In the afternoon it is partly cloudy followed by more showers after 1:05 pm. Cloudy skies return at about 2:05 pm with a 52% chance of more showers around mid-afternoon. After 3:55 it is cloudy until tea time. (There may be some sun at lunchtime and near tea time)
For the evening there is a risk of more showers, with a partly cloudy/less cloudy evening until midnight.
Wind:  Westerly, (Westerly), (West North Westerly), (Westerly)
Speed:  23-21-(22)-(18)-11-12-(11) mph
Gusts: 41-37-(39)-(31)-22-(24) mph
Risks:  Wind gusts greater than 30 mph from now until tea time make it difficult for pedestrians to walk.  Risk of random surprise showers and wintry conditions on high ground in the morning. In the evening there is a risk of some wintry showers, then frost and perhaps some ice on roads that have not been salted. Remember, ice usually can be easily found under bridges, partially covered/sheltered roads and pavements and on rural roads usually near bends.  However, it can appear in other places so please take care while doing any essential driving tonight.
That is it from me and do have a trouble-free Thursday.  The birds have been quietly singing trying to work out which supermarket to get their golden seed deliveries from.  They don’t understand why there is a 3-week wait at Tesco and a 2-week wait at ASDA.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office forecasts

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