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30 03 2020: Cloudy from Lunchtime: This AM sun in all its glory, that gradually reduces to sunny intervals, followed by an almost cloud full of sky by 12 noon

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Good Morning - image of Tesco Car Park Regents Way - Dalgety Bay

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 10:30 am on 30 03 2020

Here is the weather for Monday

With a high of 11°C and a low of 2°C.

This morning… Sun in all its glory, that gradually reduces to sunny intervals, followed by an almost cloud full of sky by lunchtime.

After lunch, there is a cloudy sky until late Tuesday morning.
Wind: Westerly, North Westerly, (North-North Westerly), North North Easterly, East North Easterly, North-North Easterly, (North Easterly), East North Easterly, Easterly, North Easterly, (Northerly)
Speed: 6-(9)-8-9-(5)-3-(4) mph
Gusts: 12-11-(16)-14-15-(10)-(5) mph

Risks:  Easterly wind means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport.  But, plane services are being cancelled and the wind speed at times is below 7 mph, therefore, it is unlikely that there will be many planes flying overhead.  Risk of surprise rainfall during the day. While in the evening there could be some frost on the roads and pavements.

That is it from me and have a Magical Monday.  Do Facetime or equivalent any friends and relatives.  Birds are in gentle conversation, this may be  the morning’s topic ‘The humans have been very quiet for a while – they have had a lot of Sunday breaks this month. It is all very strange!’
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT, AccuWeather and Met Office forecasts.

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31 03 2020: Clouds in the sky and some sun during the day and after tea. Sunny intervals in the morning. Cloud after 1:05 pm.  Sun/cloud after 6:05 pm.

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29 03 2020: Cloudy for most of the day and into the evening. However, this morning we start with sunny intervals until lunchtime or until mid-afternoon (Forecasts are contradictory)

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