2020-03-22: Easterly wind: Risk of Planes Overhead from Edinburgh Airport. Sun in all its glory until the close of play. Tonight: a clear sky until just after midnight

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Good Morning to a Sunny Sunday

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9:30 am on 22 March 2020

Here is the weather for Sunday
With a high of 11°C and a low of 2°C feels like -2°C

Mainly Easterly winds until after midnight tonight.

Sun in all its glory until the close of play.

For the evening there is a clear sky until just after midnight
Wind:  North-North Easterly, South Westerly, (East South Easterly), Easterly, (South Easterly), (South-South Easterly)
Speed:  5-2-(6)-5-8-(6)-(5) mph
Gusts: 7-4-(9)-11-10-(13)-9-(10) mph
Risks: Of surprise showers in the morning.  An Easterly wind means there is a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport
That is it from me and have a superb Sunday.  I would normally suggest that everyone should meet up with family and friends. However, we all should be Social distancing.  So that means on Mothers’ Day,  and this must be painful – if you no longer live with your Mum and Day just staying away from Mum.   Instead, why not make a phone call and if you both have the technology use Facetime, Facebook and WhatsApp to communicate.  Have a party on the phone.
Talking about which… The birds have just finished their party. That is from 6 am they have been singing their hearts out and perhaps I am imagining it, but I am sure I did see the odd bird do an in-flight rock and a roll. But the sounds are just amazing … One lone Ave singing the bass notes, most of the birds doing the melody with some doing the harmony challenges (I need to suggest that they enter TV show, the Voice competition).  The Owls adding an occasional Morse code signal. It is almost like the taps of the SOS (Save our Souls distress Warning at sea) sound.  Three short treble sounds, followed by three longer notes. I hope my Morse code is correct!  Oops!  The code is … (for an S), — (for an O), and another  … (For the final  S).  My Dad will never forgive me!
Don’t forget we need to keep 6 feet or (2 metres apart)
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts

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24 03 2020 Low Rain risk now/this evening. Light cloud all day and heavy cloud in the evening. Wind gusts above 30 mph from mid-afternoon until early Wednesday morning.

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2020-03-21: Easterly wind means a risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport. Sunny intervals from now until lunchtime. In the afternoon there will be cloudy skies until the close of play with some respite at about 2:05 pm with sunny intervals for an hour or two. Tonight, mainly cloudy with one or two intervals of partial cloud-covered sky

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