11 03 2020: It will be cloudy with Rain, Showers and Wind Gusts over 30 mph that peaks at 45mph. Sleet Overnight

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Wind Gusts above 40 mph

Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 9:30 am on 11 03 2020

Met Office Yellow weather warning of Snow and Ice covering most of the UK from 9 tonight until 10 am on Thursday.   Most areas of Scotland are covered apart from some East Coast locations such as Aberdeen, Dundee and  St Andrews.  It might surprise you but Dalgety Bay is in the warning area along with Dunfermline.  Sleet is forecast for the Bay after midnight tonight.  Experience suggests that with sleet there may be some snow showers, therefore, do expect a small covering of snow (this may be washed away by rain) on Thursday morning on local roads.

Here’s the weather for Wednesday.
With a high of 8°C and a low of 0°C feels like -2°C

It will be cloudy with Rain, Showers and Wind.

This morning light and heavy showers from now until just before lunchtime.

In the afternoon there are clouds in the sky for about one hour followed by heavy and light showers until the close of play.  There may be some respite from the rain near mid-afternoon for an hour or two.

The evening brings light and heavy rain until midnight.    After which there is a risk of sleet for an hour or two with the odd flurry of snow.

Wind:  South Westerly and West South Westerly

Speed: Maximum of 25 mph by lunchtime decreasing to 12 mph by 8:05 pm then increasing 19 mph by midnight.

Gusts of above 30 mph from now until 4:05 pm.  Those gusts should peak at over 40 mph before and during lunch.

Risks:  Wind Gusts over thirty mph from now for most of the day makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk. While near lunchtime those gusts increase to about 45 mph making it difficult for driving in particular high sided vehicles. There is a Met Office warning of Snow/Ice in place from 9 pm tonight until 10 am on Thursday.  Sleet is forecast overnight.   Therefore, please take care on the roads tonight/overnight and tomorrow morning while driving.  Expect snow and ice patches.  Ice tends to form under bridges or partially covered areas.  It also appears on rural winding roads that can hide surprise patches of ice that tend to exist in bends in the road but can also appear in part sheltered areas.

Expect surprise rainfall this morning and tonight along with wintry showers.

That is it from me and have a wonderful Wednesday.  The birds are quiet I suspect they are still asleep after stocking up on their golden seed in just in case they are snowed in.

Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office forecasts.

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