Morning Showers/Wind – Afternoon Wind/Sun 23 02 2020

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Good Morning - image of Tesco Car Park Regents Way - Dalgety Bay

Dalgety Bay Weather: As at 9 am on 23 February 2020
Here is the weather for Sunday

With a high of 7°C and a low of 2°C.

Rain and showers until mid-morning
Then cloud for a while followed by sun in all its glory until lunchtime. The wind is over 30 from 8:55 am until 5:05 pm when it drops to 29 mph.  At lunchtime the wind peaks at 43 mph

In the afternoon there is more cloud followed by a mix of sunny intervals and sun in all its glory until the close of play. By midnight wind gusts drop to 17 mph.

The evening brings clear skies followed by cloud that continued overnight
Wind: Mainly Westerly all day with random West South Westerly gusts.
Gusts: 28-43-17 mph
Risks: Gusts above 30 mph make it difficult for pedestrians.  Wind at over 40 mph challenges drivers especially those with high sided vehicles,  Risk of surprise rainfall
That is it from me and have a superb Sunday with family and friends
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office forecasts

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25 02 2020: Cloudy all day and into the evening.  Showers mid-afternoon.  After rainfall take care as there may be ice on the roads and on pavements.  Do take extra care tonight and overnight: Wind gusts below 20 mph

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21 02 2020: A cloudy day with Light and Heavy rain most of the day.   Plus high wind gusts of 52 mph, not lower than 42 mph and closing at 45 mph at midnight. Respite from the rain after lunch for an hour and at surprise times in the morning.

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