11 02 2020 It’s going to be Ice/Rain/Snow Showers/Wind

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Dalgety Bay Weather:  As at 8 am (Update) on 11 February 2020

For the early birds here’s the weather for Tuesday 
With a high of 4°C and a low of 2°C.
SEPA have 14 flood alerts and 24 flood warnings in place mainly in the North, West and South of Scotland.
There are also Met Office Yellow weather warnings of Snow, Ice and Wind in place for the most of if not all of Scotland.
Early Tuesday morning rain.  **** Sleet ***** after 7 pm for one or two hours. **** **** Snow expected at 3:30 pm  ***** . Please remember the Queensferry Bridge is closed during peak morning traffic because of eight vehicles being hit by Ice/snow yesterday. If you need to travel South by road then please head for Kincardine Bridge.
Rain showers in the afternoon and sleet.  

**** Please note different weather forecasters Have different views – this is the most pessimistic forecast ****. After 3:55 pm there will be light snow showers for an hour or two, followed by sleet until 7:55 pm.  After which there will be more snow until about 7:15 am or later on Wednesday.  Please remember that if I talk about sleet there is a risk of some snow showers. 

If you are looking for sunshine the Met Office say that Montrose is the place to be!!! A long risky drive for a bit if sun!
Wind: Westerly and South Westerly all day.

Speed:  Gusts 36 mph or more throughout the day making it difficult to walk.  The wind Peaks at 48 mph near mid-afternoon and mid-evening.  

Risks:  Mixture of ice, snow, rain and wind.  Please take care while driving.  There could be Flooding because of rainfall and melting snow.  As a result of the heavy rain/snow there may be longer and deeper stretches of flooding  than you would usually expect.
There may be packed ice under the snow or near bridges/partially covered areas and on rural roads.  
Risk points: roundabouts Inverkeithing, farmland and road floods near Inverkeithing, and Hillend.  As we have been advised if you start to skid – drive into the skid to regain control of your vehicle.  There are also flood risks near Aldi’s, on the way to Aberdour and parts of the Quarry road to Kirkcaldy.  Take care while driving if you have to, just take it nice and easy on any snow/ice.
There is also a high risk of heavy snow on high ground. 
That is it from me and have a wonderful Wednesday.  The birds have just told me off,  they have just tweeted it is time for my bed.
Weather report is broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts.

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12 02 2020 Snow/Ice warnings: Wind Gusts over 30 mph until 3:05pm. Snow may start at about 8:10 am but Sunny intervals and sun in all its glory until 10:55 am. Heavy showers until after 1 pm. Cloudy, then sun in all its glory and sunny intervals until the close of play. This evening clear skies and partially cloudy until midnight.

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