08-11-2019: Sun in all its glory from 7:55 am until the close of play: Risk of planes overhead in the early hours of the morning from Edinburgh Airport

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A sunny Good Morning and a beautiful day of sunshine

Dalgety Bay Weather:   *Update 8 a.m 8 November 2019

Here is the weather for Friday
Temperature:  A high of 9°C and a *low of -8°C. 
* As I look out of the window I can see frost on the cars.   I have checked the weather conditions (actual) at Edinburgh airport wind at 6 am blowing Northerly.  They are sending over planes on a Northerly, not an Easterly wind.   They are breaking the agreement they have made with the local community.  That is flying overhead on an Easterly wind only. 
Sun in all its glory from 7:55 am until the close of play
Wind:  North North Easterly, (Northerly), North North Westerly, (Northerly), (North North Westerly), North Westerly, (North North Westerly)
Speed:  15-12-(14)-9-10-(9)-6-7-(6)-(5) mph
Gusts:  32-28-29-27-(28)-(16)-(11)-7-8-(7) mph
* Risk: Risk of planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport early morning and of showers overnight.  Risk of cloud, ice and frost in the morning. * Sharp frost tonight
That is it from me and I hope you have a fantastic Friday.  Birds are singing. A new song, the choir of Aves are beautifully singing their wake up call.  A  stark contrast from the 6 am alarm call from the planes flying overhead on Northerly and not an Easterly wind.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts. 

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07-11-2019: Cloudy.  There was light rain overnight for an hour or two and at 6:05 am. Since 7:55 am there has been heavy rain and this will continue until just after lunch.  Then light rain until the close of play.  After which it is cloudy until about the midnight hour with light showers at 5:55 and 9:55 pm.

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