19th November 2018 Cloudy all day. 50% risk of rain now for about a hour and at 9:55am. Easterly Winds and therefore expect planes overhead ie… 6 planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport this morning outside of WHO noise overnight guidelines

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Umbrella needed by lady enjoying a cool downpour

Weather Dalgety Bay : 19th November 2018 

Temperature:  A high of 8°C and a low of 5°C
Cloudy all day. 50% risk of rain now for about a hour and at 9:55am. Expect Easterly Winds and therefore planes overhead ie… 6 planes overhead this morning outside of World Health organisation (WHO) noise guidelines – noise of planes no greater than 30-45db (Flights Mon-Sat 11pm-7am and 11pm-8am on Sundays) and 7 yesterday.  Purpose of the guidelines to ensure the population have enough sleep.  That is 8 hours each night from Monday to Saturday and 9 hours from Saturday night  to Sunday morning.
Wind: Easterly.  Speed: 17-14-18-20-18-21-20mph.  Gusts: 24-22-23-30-34-33mph
Risks: Of surprise showers in the afternoon and evening. There may be frost overnight.
That is it from me.  Have a Monday of pure magic.  Birds are singing happily.
Weather report broadly based on IFTTT and Met Office Forecasts

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20th Nov 2018 : Windy with showers and rain early hours & from 5:45am for a hour or two.  Sunny intervals begin 8:45am with showers and rain from 9:45am-5:15pm. More rain until 11:59pm. Planes may be Overhead from Edinburgh Airport 5:50am

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18 November 2018 : Sun in all its Glory from after 8:45 am until close of play.  Expect Planes overhead from Edinburgh Airport as an Easterly wind is forecast

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