Scottish Diary XII: Unexploded Shells – part covering St. Bridget’s Kirk

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We were down on the edge of Dalgety Bay, and gentle waves were…

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“But firstly, we had a bit more of the surrounding area to see. The next day, we ate our porridge and croissant things, and headed out again. The day began cloudy, not clear like the previous one, but at least it wasn’t raining. Our first stop was St Bridget’s Kirk down by the side of the Firth of Forth. It wasn’t signposted, and I had severe doubts that we would find it; but as I directed Laura down a residential close, between the trees in someone’s garden, we spied something that looked like a chapel.”

“The Kirk was larger than we had expected, almost more like a manor house or a castle than a church, and the headstones around it had a pleasing preponderance of skulls and winged heads. We were down on the edge of Dalgety Bay, and gentle waves were rippling up against the tiny little stretch of beach. If you lived in the area, it would be an ideal spot to just go and sit – or walk your dog, as one man was doing. Pleasingly for Laura, one of them was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, her favourite breed. This one was called Angus, the owner explained, and the bigger dog Rex.Despite Rex being a supposedly standard name for a dog, I didn’t think I had ever met one that was actually called that.”

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Scottish Diary XII: Unexploded Shells

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