Dalgety Bay Rail Chaos – Commuters hit back

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Scotrail train at Dalgety Bay

This morning is another day that trains are delayed and pulled from service.  The bottom line – it is the peak period and passengers need to be at work on time.  Frustration grows as day after day the service fails without any hope of remedy.  The powers that be do not seem to be concerned!

If you would like a copy of all the service failures for this year we can happily send you a long list! Just post a comment on this article to ask for one.

We have this morning taken just one conversation from others that appeared on Twitter.  It sums up the issue very nicely.

So here is the chat between Ian Brettel and ScotRail

Ian Brettel (a passenger)

“Good morning Scotrail  – is there a signalling problem in Fife this morning? 07:46 from Dalgety Bay to Edinburgh has been cancelled. Another large peak time commuter train lost from service!!”


“Morning Ian, we are experiencing some disruption at the moment due to a fault with our signalling system. The next service will be the 0815.”


“Thanks for quick reply. Not your fault I know but this is getting beyond a joke. 0815 already running about 10 minutes late!”


“I do apologise for the delay, Ian. Please retain your tickets and claim delay repay here- bit.ly/SRDelayRepay ”


“Cheers! However as I have said before this is not about getting my money back it’s about getting a decent reliable service!!”

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