The weather report that they do not want you to see Tuesday 8th August 2017

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Cruise ship on River Forth with Clouds overhead

Weather Dalgety Bay:  8:25 am Tuesday, 8th August 2017

*WeatherFugue ☀️ ☀️ ? |  ? ☀️ ? | ? ☀️ ☁️

Blue skies, with tangerine moments. A large expanse of blue tempered by white clouds brushed in the sky and and amber skyline of the East that is a joy to any eye.

I look to Edinburgh it is blessed with a blue sky and that great capital is busy with its Festival.

Edinburgh are thinking about changing/extending  the Festival months and one reason that was suggested was better weather in the month of July. That gave me a challenge – my thoughts are – which months are actually the sunniest in Scotland?  Therefore let us have a competition today!

To that end I did as I always do and Googled  it! But I am still using DuckDuckGo.  Therefore more correctly I DuckDuckGo-ed it!

That does not quite have the same ring! But no matter what you use, please let us know which two months you think are the Sunniest  – A in Scotland, B in Edinburgh and C in Dalgety Bay.  It would be good to know what you think.

Birds are are full of chit-chat and they are happy souls – perhaps they are tweeting about that very topic.

Today, there are no trees waving at me and there is a feel of calm in the air.


? Temperature: Starts at 10c,  rises 17, and drops to 13

? Wind: Starts at 3mph, rises to 11 and drops between 7 and 9, somewhere around the midnight hour. Oops – nearly missed the wind direction – perhaps I was avoiding that. I did hear the odd plane overhead. I have just given the holiday makers a friendly wave.

Met some in Edinburgh – a most bizarre interval at a bus stop.  In poor English I heard the words muttered – where is the beach? Dalgety Bay I thought, then I realized it might have been Portobello.

A local advised of the bus number. Then his companion suggested a casino. I thought about Monte Carlo, the. helpful local could not suggest anywhere. But I am sure they wanted a beach somewhere in the direction of George Street from Princes Street.

They then boarded a bus to some part of Edinburgh I have not been to.  Certainly not Portobello and definitely in the opposite direction to Bay.

I really don’t want to mention the coming  words.  But here goes… there is going to be an Easterly/North Easterly wind from about 1pm until I try and sleep tonight. A gin and tonic night cap is a must.

The good news is that before lunch the wind is mainly westerly and after my lunch time feast I can work off all that extra weight – simply by waving to all those holiday makers on their way – perhaps today flying to less sunnier climes.

?☀️ Sun: Sunny intervals all day apart from just after lunch. Then Mr. Sunshine will shine alone for a couple of hours. A quick pinch, yes he is doing that just now!

Risks: Showers on higher ground and of not having enough sun protection. I will be dashing off to the chemist at 9am and not for an umbrella.

That is it from me. Jenny and Jimmy are in the land of nod. Have a terrific sunny Tuesday. I really must find out more about Edinburgh – George Street and beyond! Brush up on those tourist skills!

*WeatherFugue TM WHDB and Dalgety Bay News


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